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Full Spectrum light system'Carbonlight' developed by our company has various heat that warms the human body.

This product is consisted of main body, support and controller, and it is a low power light irradiator with energy density of less than 2W/㎠ which helps treat affected part by the irradiation of low power light that is generated when 2 carbon rods are combusted at high temperature through arc discharge.
Visible Light Therapy. It is applied to the treatment of many diseases or symptoms. (Pain, inflammation, depression.burn, pressure sores, skin disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, cataract, gynecological disease, etc.)

Light can penetrate into our body and raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and kills all the germs or viruses.

Wavelength of visible lights... 390nm ~800nm wavelength among the lights is called visible lights area that we recognize as a light. Out of rainbow colors like purple, navy blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, yellowish green which is located at 555nm from these visible lights is known as the brightest one.
Carbon and many elements are combusted and they changed to light energy which penetrates into the body deeply and makes good blood circulation increasing level of immunity and metabolism, which creates vitamins and increases calcium for smooth hormone secretion and cell proliferation.

Carbon light also strengthens the cells by increasing cell regeneration and thermostable protein (HSP). Light rays can penetrate into our body to increase the temperature of the core, and when the temperature rises, the immune system is strengthened. Cancer cells die at high temperatures.

Phototherapy, the action of the infrared zone, deep heat action raises the blood temperature of the irradiated area by about 39 degrees ~ 42 degrees. Therefore, the heat shock protein that is attracting attention is easily produced in the body. With this function, it is a device that treats diseases by converting an abnormal protein into a normal protein, which is the origin of the disease.
A mysterious phototherapy that completely liberates all human diseases from pain without using surgery or medicine with carbon light

A mysterious phototherapy that completely liberates all human diseases from pain without using surgery or medicine with carbon rays Using the energy of life that has forgotten about the sunlight that is the source of life energy of nature Lifestyle-related diseases are the mainstream, and today, modern illnesses are cured and immunity enhanced In order to restore health, it is a device that uses natural healing system and treats natural healing power inherent in the body by itself.

Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd.
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